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A robust suite of integrated, purpose-built solutions capable of powering the B2C subscription-based economy.

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Platform Overview

Darwin CX offers a single source for all of the tools, reports, and processes needed to power your recurring revenue business.

We continue to evolve our platform to help you better understand your customers, and empower you with the data and tools that will help you build engagement, loyalty and customer lifetime value.

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Darwin Core does all the things your circulation business needs to run like clockwork* and to thrive in today’s high-touch, fast-paced, customer-centric economy; from human-lead services, like fulfillment and call center, to technology-powered solutions like Production Stream, that unlocks real-time visibility into all your production-related jobs, and Campaign Configurator that lets you build and launch campaigns in minutes, not days.

Darwin Crate
Simplify & Save With All-In Pricing

Minimize complexity and spend with one flat monthly fee for an unlimited number of users, and unlimited access to all Darwin Core tools and features.

Take Advantage of AI

Save time and money with native AI-based account deduplication to ensure your lists are clean and marketing budgets are optimized.

Integrate With Anyone

Easily integrate with your favorite email provider or third-party web application of your choice.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Effortlessly make data-driven decisions with advanced analytics and visualization tools, or quickly spot trends and opportunities specific to your role from our persona-based dashboards.

Unlock Valuable Customer Insights

Continuously build a 360° view of your customers’ transactional data and preferences to inform highly relevant customer experiences.

Access Strategy & Support

Benefit from your dedicated Client Success Manager’s industry and platform knowledge to see how Darwin Core can unlock untapped revenue.

Automate Marketing Efforts

Create data-driven campaigns in-house with ease using our integrated marketing campaign designer and customer journey-builder.

Streamline Your Business

Access powerful business tools and services, including subscription and membership management solutions for print, digital, and box businesses, all from a single source.

Darwin Campaigns


Whether you're brand new to the subscription box space or have an existing box business, you can quickly and easily start building a wide variety of box configurations that will be sure to appeal to any audience.

Take the guess-work out of building and promoting your box products with tools that guide you step-by-step from product creation to previewing and launching checkout pages.

Don’t Do It Alone

Tap into the expertise and resources of our world class box subscription partner. Benefit from hands-on experience in operational management and recurring revenue acceleration in the direct-to-consumer space.

Generate Real-Time Reports

Instantly and easily create any report you need to get real-time insights into all aspects of your business.

Offer Best-In-Class Customer Care

Streamline your customer service process through a comprehensive support portal with robust self-serve features.

Create Operational Efficiencies

Save time and effort by auto-renewing customers at different rates (ex., set an introductory rate that auto-renews at your standard rate).

Integrate With Anyone

Integrate with your favorite third party applications like Instagram, TikTok, Klaviyo, Fondue & more.

Track Fulfillment End-to-End

Track everything fulfillment-related, from shipping details to delivery notifications.

Optimise Conversion Rates

Increase conversions by combining next generation data with frictionless checkout pages.

Access Powerful Marketing Tools

Maximize revenue by testing unlimited combinations of prices, billing terms, frequencies, item configurations, couponing, auto-renewals, and more!

Launch New Products With Ease

Quickly set up, launch and promote new products with an easy-to-navigate interface and intuitive UX, including our industry-leading Darwin Crate Builder.


Members remain members as long as they perceive value in their membership. Darwin Community makes it easy to track when, how, and where your constituents are engaging with your brand and content. Use these valuable insights to surprise and delight your members with the right messages and offers, delivered in the right channels, at the right times.

Darwin Community
All-In Pricing

One flat monthly fee gets you an unlimited number of users, and unlimited access to all Darwin resources, tools, and features.

Quickly Build, Launch & Manage Campaigns

Anyone on your team can quickly and easily build and launch a campaign – and even track results in real time.

Integrate With Anyone

Easily integrate with all the tools you’re already using to manage and market your business – and we're paywall agnostic!

Minimize Churn. Maximize Revenue

Real-time data access lets you quickly spot (and fix) retention issues, and capitalize on positive member behavior and trends.

Reduce Complexity

A single source for all of your member information means no need to manage (and pay for) multiple systems, and no more disconnected "data islands".

Enhance Engagement

Best-in-class marketing tools designed to optimize your subscriptions & memberships; from acquisition to retention right through to member loyalty.

Darwin CDP


Our Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows you to harness the power of your customer data to generate personalized brand experiences that deepen brand engagement and affinity. Darwin CX's modular CDP combines best-in-class tools specifically designed to maximize value for business-to-consumer clients within the subscription-based economy.

Increase Subscriber Satisfaction

Significantly improve subscriber satisfaction levels by increasing relevance of content and communication.

Reduce Churn

Personalized content recommendations and engagement strategies keep subscribers coming back for more.

Increase Engagement

Increase the average time subscribers spend on your platform by serving personalized content you know will resonate well with each audience.

Grow Revenue

Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities based on user preferences to increase customer LTV.

Increase Conversions

Improved email personalization can increase click-through rates, leading to higher conversions for subscription renewals and upsells.

Segment Audiences

Segment customers into distinct groups based on factors such as reading preferences, content consumption habits, and subscription history.

Unify Data

Integrate data from various sources, including website interactions, email engagement, user preferences, subscription data, and more.


Your content is gold, and the most effective way to ensure that you’re not squandering this precious resource is to create a value exchange with the audiences who want access to it.

Asking your audiences to provide information or payment to unlock your highest value content is not just a fair exchange, it’s smart business. You’ve worked hard to create quality content. Isn’t it time that your quality content worked hard for you in return?

Darwin Convert
Build First Party Data & Data Privacy

With tracking cookies being disabled, businesses will need to rely on first party data. Sign-ups and opt-ins ensure data privacy and continuity of your brand’s experience.

Give Old Content New Life

Don’t leave high-value evergreen content behind. Use it to launch archive subscriptions and tap into an otherwise dormant source of revenue.

Support Niche Interests

Allow fanatics and aficionados to access content that caters to their specific interests without having to search for it, or the distraction of unrelated content.

Right-Size Your Ask

Choose from a wide range of upsell or cross-sell options such as pay-per-article, monthly access, gift subscriptions, group access, ad-free experiences, one-time and recurring donations, and more!

Fuel Personalization

Convert unknown website traffic into known visitors to help deliver a more tailored experience, including content recommendations based on their reading habits and interests.

Monetize Your Premium Content

Give subscribers and members exclusive access to high-quality content, tools, and experiences that go beyond what's available for free.




76% of consumers expect personalization*, and 71% are frustrated when they don’t see it**. Variable InLine Printing (VIP) ensures that each touchpoint counts by leveraging customer data to create personalized messages for each customer or prospect. Small batch print runs, plus unlimited templates, versioning, and changes on the fly means you’ll have the time, money, and flexibility to execute more campaigns while maximizing customer response rates.

* Gartner Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines
**McKinsey & Company

Darwin Customize
Test Offers & Elements

Easily test new lists, content, calls-to-action, and offers, or create upsell and cross-sell opportunities tailored to each customer’s unique preferences.

Create Integrated Experiences

Make the multichannel journey seamless by quickly, easily, and cost-effectively creating variable print solutions that mirror your digital marketing solutions.

Maximize Print Efforts

Leverage customer and prospect data to deliver targeted offers, images and messages to multiple audiences in a single print stream.

Increase Response Rates

Over 90% of marketers experience a response lift when using personalized content. With an average lift of 35%, using Variable InLine Printing to customize all of your marketing materials makes good business sense.

**Data from responses of Quad Customer Focus Survey

Create Visuals With Impact

Use duplex printing to easily add dynamic, full-colour content to both sides of your marketing materials including invoices, newsletters, renewal letters, and more.

Save Time, Money & Steps

All marketing materials are printed on-demand, which means no need to pre-print forms or envelopes, no costly storage fees, and no more wasting unused materials.

Darwin Concierge


As much as Darwin CX loves providing you with the latest technology-driven solutions, we also know that there are human-lead services that are mission-critical to your business. Our comprehensive list of best-in-breed partners has been specifically curated to deliver all of your off-line services, from lettershop to call center. The best part is that we never mark up these services, you will only receive one invoice, and you only ever have to deal with a single Client Success Manager.

Track Fulfillment End-To-End

Ensure your invoices, renewals, main files, supps, and more are all printed and in the mail on time by selecting - and tracking - all production jobs directly from the Darwin CX platform.

Pick & Pack Products & Premiums

Access a full range of fulfillment services, including picking, packing, and shipping of magazine orders, as well as products and premiums on a one-off or recurring basis.

Dial Into Outbound Calling

Leverage our team of outbound calling experts for accounts receivable reminders, renewal efforts, save-the-sale, cross selling / upselling campaigns, and more, then track profitability of these efforts with our comprehensive ROI reports.

Access World-Class Customer Care

Whether you need inbound or outbound call services, email or phone support, Darwin CX has options to supplement your existing customer service team - or manage it all on your behalf - with our onshore and offshore options.

Minimize Print Fees / Maximize Impact

Tap into our Variable InLine Print (VIP) solution to create full colour, fully personalized, low-cost marketing materials that work hand-in-hand with your digital executions.

Save On Postage

Darwin does all the things necessary to keep your postage fees as low as possible, including co-mingling your lettermail and even your magazine mailings.


Easily integrate with all of the tools you’re already using to manage and market your business, including your favorite email provider, third party applications, paywall solution, and more.






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Resource Center

Darwin CX keeps its finger on the pulse of all the things that impact your business so you don’t have to. Find out what we’re learning, and how we’re using these insights to transform an industry.