August 7, 2023

David Nussbaum Appointed to Darwin CX Advisory Board

Darwin CX has appointed industry veteran David Nussbaum as a founding member of its Advisory Board. Nussbaum, former CEO and Chairman of America's Test Kitchen, brings valuable insights and a vision for future expansion, providing expertise in subscription circulation and guiding Darwin CX's business strategy for the evolving needs of recurring revenue businesses in the subscription and membership economies.

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Darwin CX, a SaaS solution provider powering the subscription and membership economies, is proud to announce industry veteran, David Nussbaum, as a founding member of its newly formed Advisory Board.

Since inception, Darwin’s product innovation team has worked closely with our clients to evolve our product roadmap; “we are excited to announce that we are extending this approach and adding new voices to the planning table,” shares Darwin’s CTO and co-founder, Michael Smith. “Darwin is taking our collaboration to the next level by engaging with industry leaders to identify evolving business challenges and digital opportunities. These opportunities will inform future features and vertical markets that will expand the Darwin leadership position. David Nussbaum, former CEO and Chairman of America’s Test Kitchen, brings experience, insights, and a vision for future expansion.”

Nussbaum, who founded his own magazine at the age of 27, understands the complexities of subscription circulation. “Even 30 years ago, it was crucial for publishers to have a set of circulation-specific tools that served the needs of their recurring revenue businesses. As the media landscape and consumer demands evolve, so too must the tools that serve them.” David should know, having led three private-equity-backed media operations in the capacity of both CEO and Chairman of the Board, and taking trade publisher Penton Media from near bankruptcy to a $530 million sale, in part, by launching new digital businesses.

“Publishers need to be nimble,” states Nussbaum. “Waiting for third-party providers to help launch a critical win-back campaign, spin up a branded check-out page, create targeted audience messages and offers, or even just provide industry-standard business reporting, is no longer an option. Business moves too fast.”  As technology continues to automate routine media functions, publishers can reallocate resources towards higher value initiatives. “There’s no doubt that the Darwin CX platform would have further transformed my media and membership businesses, and I’m excited to help accelerate this evolution for others within these industries.”

Nussbaum's expertise in business transformation will be a valuable addition to Darwin’s newly formed Advisory Board, which will play a crucial role in guiding Darwin CX's business strategy throughout the remainder of 2023 and beyond. 

To learn more about Darwin CX or their Advisory Board, please contact Michael Smith at

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Darwin CX is a transformative SaaS platform at the leading edge of the subscription and membership economies. It helps brands accelerate acquisition and retention—and increase loyalty—through innovative and customized check-out pages, targeted audience offerings, real-time A/B testing, and best-in-class analytics. The Darwin CX platform enables clients to have complete freedom and control over customer data in order to tailor the best possible customer experiences.

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