May 1, 2023

Darwin CX Announces Strategic Partnership with PSA and Welcomes Andrew Conti as New CSO

Toronto-based SaaS solution provider Darwin CX has entered into a strategic alliance with Publishers Service Associates (PSA), a Pennsylvania-based fulfillment services and outbound call center firm. This collaboration aims to enhance customer service and support for publishers and associations by combining Darwin CX's transformative SaaS platform with PSA's expertise in subscription fulfillment, lettershop, and call center services.

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Darwin CX, a Toronto, Canada-based SaaS solution provider for the subscription and membership economies, has formed a strategic alliance with Williamsport, PA-based Publishers Service Associates (PSA), a high-touch fulfillment services and outbound call center firm serving the publishing and association industries.

“The value of partnering with PSA was clear to both parties early on”, said Laas Turnbull, Co-founder and CEO of Darwin CX. Discussions between the two companies started late last fall when Turnbull first reached out to PSA as a potential lettershop and mailing services provider. “As a veteran and leader in the industry, PSA was an obvious choice for us to connect with, especially since they were already serving the same sectors as Darwin.” 

Once conversations started, both Turnbull and PSA’s CEO and Founder, Mark Hintz, quickly identified the synergies, and discussions turned from client/supplier opportunities to partnership.

“The quality of service provided by PSA was only part of the appeal,” said Turnbull. “We were also highly impressed by the calibre of talent on their team”. One clear stand-out was Andrew Conti, PSA’s long-standing Chief Marketing Officer and veteran in the circulation solutions industry. 

With over 35 years’ of marketing and sales experience, Conti has amassed a formidable network of connections, ranging from publishers to associations and consultants. “With such deep roots in the sectors we service”, notes Turnbull, “Andrew became the obvious candidate for our newly developed role of Chief Sales Officer. His ability to speak our customers’ language, and to forge strong partnerships, put him at the top of our list”. Turnbull immediately began working with Mark Hintz to formulate a transition plan over to Darwin where the two CEOs agreed Conti could better support both organizations' business development efforts.

“There were two key factors that made me want to take on selling Darwin CX”, shared Conti. “The first is that it’s important to me to work for companies who have a shared commitment to the publishing and association industries, as this is where my experience and passion lies” Andrew reflects. “The second factor is my belief in Darwin’s grand vision and product roadmap. PSA and Darwin give publishers many opportunities to increase services, gain marketing insights, and bolster profits in so many ways.”

After seeing a demo of how the latest platform is revolutionizing the subscription and membership industries, Andrew knew that he had to share it with his network. “If the Darwin platform were a car, it would be a Bentley.” mused Conti. “It’s powerful, sophisticated, and full of intuitive features and next-gen functionality, like an AI-driven offer engine and voice-to-text transcription capabilities to better support our customers’ call centers. Luckily, Darwin’s all-in monthly pricing model puts them more in line with pricing of a new, leased Ford than a Bentley” he assured us.

“Let me know when you’re ready for a test drive”, invites Conti. “I have every confidence that you’ll be as impressed with what’s under Darwin’s hood as I was”.

Andrew Conti can be reached at 617-852-6413 or by email at to discuss how Darwin CX and PSA can take your business to the next level.

About Publisher Services Associates
Publishers Service Associates (PSA) is a leader in full-service subscription fulfillment, lettershop, and call center services, specializing in audience development solutions for small to medium publishers, specialty publishers, membership organizations, communication firms, and government contractors. PSA also offers proprietary products including PSA Complete, a publishers’ dashboard application available on any mobile device that provides online subscription fulfillment reporting. Over the last 25 years, PSA has developed a stable of high-touch services such as inbound “save the sale” and soft touch collections, renewal and welcome calls. PSA also supports hight dollar subscription products with advanced quality services designed to let the subscriber know they are important in all communications

About Darwin CX

Darwin CX is a transformative SaaS platform at the leading edge of the subscription and membership economies. It helps brands accelerate acquisition and retention—and increase loyalty—through innovative and customized check-out pages, targeted audience offerings, real-time A/B testing, and best-in-class analytics. The Darwin CX platform enables clients to have complete freedom and control over customer data in order to tailor the best possible customer experiences.

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