August 3, 2023

Darwin CX Launches Native CDP to Serve Recurring Revenue Industry

Darwin CX has officially launched its Customer Data Platform (CDP) to meet market demand and evolving client needs. The CDP, which has been in beta testing since October 2022, offers data collection, warehousing, and identity resolution capabilities and is tailored for recurring revenue businesses in the subscription-based economy.

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Toronto-based software-as-a-service platform Darwin CX announces the general availability of its Customer Data Platform (CDP) in response to client demand and an evolving market landscape. Darwin CX’s CDP has been providing several beta clients with data collection, data warehousing, and identity resolution capabilities since October 2022, and is now available to all clients.

With sources predicting that 50% of the world’s data will be stored in the cloud by 2025, it has become increasingly important for companies to identify a safe harbour for their business’s data. “Topping the list of things to consider when sourcing a CDP is finding a solution that not only lets you gather and centralize disparate sources of data in one place, but also allows various members of your organization to access and leverage that data in ways that fit your business needs,” says Darwin CTO Michael Smith. “Different industries will benefit from different feature sets. For example, Darwin’s CDP will appeal most to recurring revenue businesses, such as those in the subscription-based economy.” 

Like most CDPs, Darwin’s platform stores customer, transactional, demographic, engagement, third-party, and even on-site behavioural data. “Where our CDP provides the most value for our clients,” adds Smith, “is in its seamless integration with the broader Darwin CX platform where they can easily leverage their data in smart, customer-centric ways.”

As marketers add new customer journeys, omni-channel touchpoints, and third-party tools, new data islands are created. Unless companies invest in a solution that allows them to aggregate these disparate data sets, these islands can proliferate at a rate that outpaces the business’s ability to track them appropriately. 
One of Darwin CX’s earliest CDP clients was Irish Central, which recently used the platform to add a new revenue stream to its business. “As we began our data aggregation journey, the issue of data hygiene became increasingly apparent to us,” says Kathy Hickey, Irish Central’s CEO. “Darwin’s AI-based deduplication capabilities allow us to resolve customer identities, regardless of where the data originates, leaving us with a unified customer profile that we feel confident in. That, in turn, allowed us to launch omnichannel experiences.”

Darwin CX’s commitment to providing high-value, client-informed quarterly releases enables them to continuously extend their technology leadership position that serves the recurring revenue industry. To find out how Darwin CX can service your business’s data needs, contact your dedicated Client Success Manager or Darwin’s CTO, Michael Smith, at michael

About Darwin CX

Darwin CX is a transformative SaaS platform at the leading edge of the subscription economy. It helps brands accelerate acquisition and retention—and increase loyalty—through innovative and customized check-out pages, targeted audience offerings, real-time A/B testing, and best-in-class analytics. The Darwin CX platform enables clients to have complete freedom and control over customer data in order to tailor the best possible customer experiences.

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