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When Should and Shouldn't You Automate Communications?

Unleash automation where it shines – welcome new faces, send updates, nurture inactive readers, gather feedback, and curate content. Focus on authenticity – tackle sensitive issues, complex problems, creative ventures, VIP introductions, and sales interactions with your personal touch.

When Should and Shouldn't You Automate Communications?
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In the whirlwind of content creation, promotion, and nurturing a loyal readership, magazine marketers and customer success pros often dream of a magic shortcut. Enter automation: a potent potion promising efficiency and deeper engagement with your audience. But before you unleash a swarm of robotic scribes, hold on! The key to leveraging automation lies in wielding it with precision, knowing when to cast its spell and when to keep it firmly in the bottle. So, let's dive into the realm of automated communication, exploring the moments where it shines and the situations where it's best left on the shelf.

Ready to free up your time, engage your readers even more effectively, and streamline your publishing workflow? Automation promises just that, but remember, wielding it wisely is crucial. Let's explore the situations where its magic truly blossoms.

Embrace Automation When:

Welcoming Wagon Wheels:  

Greet new subscribers with a warm (automated) hug. Introduce your magazine, highlight key features, and offer helpful tips to navigate the content universe. It's the digital equivalent of a friendly handshake, setting the stage for a long-lasting relationship.

Transactional Tidbits:  

Order confirmations, shipping updates, and renewal reminders are automation's bread and butter. Keep your readers informed without bogging down your customer service team – after all, nobody enjoys waiting on hold for news about their next issue.

Nurturing Nudges:  

Got a subscriber who hasn't cracked open an issue in a while? A gentle, personalized reminder with a curated article suggestion or exclusive offer can rekindle the spark. Automation can help you reach out without feeling pushy, reminding them why they fell in love with your magazine in the first place.

Feedback Fortresses:  

Automate post-issue surveys to gather valuable reader insights. Ask about favorite sections, desired topics, and overall satisfaction. It's a treasure trove of data to help you hone your content and keep your finger on the pulse of your audience.

Content Curation Concoctions:  

Whip up automated newsletters filled with curated articles, industry trends, or behind-the-scenes glimpses. Tailor the content to reader interests and past reading habits for maximum impact – it's like a personalized magazine delivered straight to their inbox.

Stick with a Person-to-Person Approach When:

Emotional Earthquakes:  

When a reader comes to you with a complaint, a question about a sensitive topic, or negative feedback, ditch the robots. These moments require empathy, understanding, and a human touch. Show them you care by handling their concerns personally.

Complex Conundrums:  

If a reader's issue requires specific answers or in-depth troubleshooting, automation can leave them feeling abandoned. Invest the time and energy in a live interaction – it shows you're dedicated to resolving their problem, no matter how intricate.

Creative Crossroads:  

Launching a special edition or crafting a personalized offer? Leave the robots at the gate. These moments call for your unique insights and creative spark. Use your human touch to tailor the message and make it truly special.

High-Stakes Introductions:  

Meeting a new subscriber for the first time is a delicate dance. Skip the automated welcome wagon for this one. A personal email or phone call shows you value their relationship from the get-go, setting the stage for a loyal connection.

Sales Savvy:  

Automated campaigns can nurture leads and build interest, but when it comes to closing a deal, bring out the human muscle. Your sales team's expertise and individual touch are invaluable in converting readers into passionate advocates.

Remember: Automation is a powerful tool, but it's not a magic wand. Use it strategically, personalize it where it counts, and be ready to roll up your sleeves and tackle complex matters head-on. By striking the right balance, you'll keep your readers engaged, your customer service humming, and your content forever captivating.

So, go forth, magazine masters and customer champions! Embrace the robots strategically, wield your human touch wisely, and watch your publication flourish in the age of automation – authenticity and all.


Remember, it's a balance: automate strategically, personalize wherever possible, and watch your magazine thrive as you engage readers effectively and reclaim precious time.

Embrace automation for routine tasks like onboarding, notifications, and content curation to streamline operations and boost efficiency.

When dealing with sensitive matters, intricate problems, or high-stakes interactions, prioritize a human touch to build trust and ensure personalized solutions.

Track automation performance and adapt your strategy based on data and reader feedback to continuously optimize your communication and engagement efforts.

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