Unmasking Your Super Subscribers: How to Identify Advocates in Your Base

Unleash your super subscribers! Track social media engagement, email loyalty, and customer service champions – reward them, nurture the relationship, and witness your brand advocacy skyrocket!

Unmasking Your Super Subscribers: How to Identify Advocates in Your Base
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Your subscription box thrives on loyal customers, but some take it a step further, transforming into vocal advocates who champion your brand to the world. These super subscribers are gold: they spread the word, boost conversions, and build a stronger community around your offerings. But how do you find these gems hiding within your subscriber base? Here are some secret-sniffing techniques:

1. Social Media Sleuths:

Hashtag Hunters:

Track your branded hashtags and keywords across platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Those consistently using them and tagging your account are potential advocates.

Comment Cadre:

Seek out subscribers who regularly leave positive comments on your social media posts, especially those engaging in discussions and defending your brand against negativity.

Content Creators:

Keep an eye out for subscribers who create and share user-generated content (UGC) featuring your products. Showcase their work and engage with them – they're already halfway to being brand ambassadors.

2. Email Engagement Evangelists:

Open Rate All-Stars:

Track your email open and click-through rates. Subscribers who consistently open and engage with your emails are more likely to be interested in advocating for your brand.

Survey Savvy:

Include questions in your customer satisfaction surveys that gauge advocacy, like "Would you recommend us to a friend?" or "How likely are you to share your positive experience with others?".

Referral Royalty:

Identify subscribers who frequently use your referral programs and reward them with exclusive perks or early access to new products. They're already spreading the love, so nurture that enthusiasm!

3. Customer Care Crusaders:

Star Supporters:

Pay attention to your customer service interactions. Identify subscribers who go above and beyond to provide positive feedback, offer suggestions, or even defend your brand to other customers facing issues.

Review Rockstars:

Look for subscribers who leave glowing reviews on your website, independent review platforms, or even social media. Showcase their testimonials and reach out to build a deeper connection.

Community Champions:

Notice subscribers actively participating in your online communities, forums, or groups. They're already invested in your brand and its ecosystem, making them prime candidates for advocacy programs.

Remember: Identifying advocates is just the first step. Once you've found them, nurture the relationship! Offer exclusive benefits, early access to new products, or invitations to special events. Show them their value and they'll continue to be your vocal champions, spreading the subscription box love far and wide.

Bonus Tip: Leverage social listening tools and analytics platforms to track brand mentions, sentiment, and key influencers within your subscriber base. These tools can help you identify hidden advocates and gain valuable insights into your overall brand perception.

By implementing these strategies, you'll soon have a squad of super subscribers ready to shout your praises from the rooftops. Remember, a little appreciation goes a long way in fostering brand loyalty and turning regular customers into your greatest ambassadors. So, get out there, uncover your hidden gems, and watch your subscription box shine brighter than ever!


It is easier to identify advocates that you think:

Track hashtags, UGC creators, open rates, and reviews to identify potential advocates across social media and emails.

Reward customer service stars, review rockstars, and community champions with exclusive benefits to fuel their loyalty.

Leverage social listening tools to gain deeper insights into brand perception and discover hidden advocates within your base.

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