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Unmasking the Universal Customer Hiding in Your Recurring Business

Unlock the secret to growth and deeper customer engagement in our latest article. Learn how recurring businesses, from publishers to gyms, can tap into the universal desires of their diverse customer bases, turning every subscription into a journey of personal growth and community.

Unmasking the Universal Customer Hiding in Your Recurring Business
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Publishers and recurring businesses, rejoice! While your offerings may span magazines, gym memberships, or software subscriptions, there's a hidden gem beneath the surface: your customers are more alike than you think. Understanding this shared essence, this universal customer lurking within your diverse audience, unlocks the key to growth and deeper engagement.

Here's why these "box buyers" share more than just a penchant for recurring payments:

1. The Shared Human Craving:

Value, not just stuff:  

They seek value beyond the tangible product – knowledge, entertainment, convenience, progress. Your magazine delivers not just pages, your gym membership not just sweat, but a pathway to self-improvement, a sense of belonging, or a shot at achieving goals.

Experiences over ownership:  

Access trumps possession. They value curated experiences, personalized journeys, and a sense of discovery over simply owning things. Your software subscription isn't just lines of code, it's a gateway to productivity, creativity, or connection.

Emotional resonance:  

We're creatures of emotion. They yearn for brands that connect with their aspirations, anxieties, and sense of self. Your content, your fitness classes, your productivity tools – they all have the power to resonate on a deeper level, forging an emotional bond.

2. The Journey, Not the Destination:

Progress over perfection:  

They chase progress, not the elusive finish line. Whether it's mastering a new recipe, crushing fitness goals, or learning a new language, they value the journey of self-improvement over the pressure of instant results. Your offerings become the roadmap, the tools, the cheerleaders on their path.

Customization and control:  

They crave personalization and control. They want experiences tailored to their needs, their pace, their preferences. Your magazine with curated articles based on reading history, your gym membership with personalized workout plans, your software with customizable dashboards – all cater to this desire for individuality.

The power of community:  

We're social creatures. They seek connection, a sense of belonging, and shared experiences. Your online forums, community events, or user groups foster that sense of belonging, turning customers into a tribe, united by their pursuit of value, progress, and connection.

Forget siloed thinking. Embrace the "universal customer" within your diverse audience. Focus on the shared human desires for value, progress, and connection. Craft personalized experiences, build communities, and celebrate the journey – and watch your recurring business thrive, not just survive, in the age of the engaged, evolving consumer.

So, break down the box walls, fellow recurring businesses. Discover the universal customer hiding within, and unlock the magic of shared desires, personalized journeys, and powerful communities.  


It's not about what you sell, but how you make them feel – and that's a value proposition worth relying on. Partner with Darwin CX to help you create remarkable customer experiences regardless of who your customers are.

  • Emphasize Value and Experience: Customers seek more than just a product; they crave experiences that offer personal growth, convenience, and emotional resonance. Tailor your offerings to deliver these intangible benefits, enhancing the perceived value of your subscriptions.
  • Prioritize the Journey Over the Destination: Highlight the process of self-improvement and customization in your services. Show how your products support personal progress and adapt to individual preferences, making the customer’s journey both rewarding and unique.
  • Foster Community Connections: Leverage the social nature of consumers by building communities around your products. Create spaces for users to connect, share experiences, and feel part of a tribe, increasing their engagement and loyalty to your brand.

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